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To stow in the Ark, Enlil gave Moses stone tablets with commandments. Enlil had in all probability produced the tablets with some thing like our rising reduplicative computing engineering. Enlil advised Moses to also retail outlet the white powder of monoatomic gold (with which he’d been medicating the Israelites) while in the Ark to lighten it, since the Ark and its stones weighed several tons.

, Janet brings together all her fields of fascination and shares her very own direct, upfront and private experiences with the Anunnaki, Greys, the military dealing with the ETs as well as her adventures on the base the ETs and our clandestine armed service hide under Johnston Atoll from the Pacific. Janet regularly downloads messages from Ninmah, the Anunnaki mom of humanity.

Oxygen carrying capacity in blood equals percentage opportunity of anxious system usage plus your bodies about all possible electrical capacitance means.

Marduk, right here going for walks close to to the Pageant campus amongst all of the celebrating individuals who experienced no clue who he was, however experienced the sculpted facial attributes, However they were being subdued, and he had one of the most radiant blue eyes.

One thing interrupted Ollantaytambu’s building; “stone blocks lie strewn about,” with T-cuts for poured steel clamps in them to carry the blocks together during earthquakes. The clamp-cuts duplicate Individuals at Tiahanacu. “A levitation machine made the stones leap down the road from the quarry to slides, the place the stones would be pushed about the edge and retrieved at the bottom.

“Deterioration of astronomy was symptomatic of All round decline and regression in the sciences, arts, legislation, the social framework” under Marduk. “Medicine deteriorated to sorcery. Harshness and coarseness replaced the previous compassion and elegance.”

“All daily life in the world, from birds to fishes, flora to algae, and right down to bacteria and viruses–all have the exact same DNA, the four nucleic acid letters from which all genes and genomes are made. The DNA in the Anunnaki was the same as the DNA of all life on Nibiru. The DNA on Earth plus the DNA on Nibiru had been a similar.” Our genome–lower than thirty,000 genes–retains 223 genes without evolutionary predecessors. These 223 genes, absent in vertebrae evolution, control the click here for info human body and mind. The speculation of panspermia, that Earth was “seeded from in other places,” was incised in clay tablets millennia in the past.

Well, it all started in the summer of 2006,with his UFO sightings in excess of Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes. To the UFO fanatic, it may at first look like just A different UFO circumstance among 1000s of Other individuals and can reasonably before long be put to relaxation. Even so, mainly because it showed, there was without doubt that these UFO sightings were authentic. First of all, Lake Erie is really a “no fly-zone” area, due to the fact You will find a nuclear power plant there, and since nine/11, There exists a 5 mile wide no fly zone around Electrical power plants, nuclear or coal (Michael’s hometown is the place the CEI Electric Ability Plant is plus the Perry Nuclear electricity plant is close to 18 miles East and is usually situated appropriate on Lake Erie)[4].

Chichen Itza by 450BC, “the basic principle sacred city of Yucatan,” boasted a sacred perfectly. The Itzas, migrants from the south, created their ceremonial center–The nice central pyramid as well as observatory–near where Thoth first came ashore in Yucatan.

He showed them how to generate and use telescopes, and had astronomer apprentices raised at midnight to better see the heavens throughout the telescopes. The accuracy of their predictions over time validates Nibiran existence and influence on the planet. [Tsarion, M., 2012]

The builders quarried the gigantic stone blocks miles away and moved them “around mountains, valleys, gorges and streams.”

The Great Pyramid entrance had a twenty-ton nearly invisible swivel door, nearly invisible when closed and lacked a grasp from the skin. The pyramid’s cornerstones have ball and socket construction that adjusts builders discount to heat enlargement and earthquakes. Temperature inside stayed sixty eight Degrees Fahrenheit.

Most of the other Analysis Fellows are carrying out just that now, some of whom have presently Full Report posted for all members from the “XXXX” Group to read through and comment on. You might then have the prospect and possibility to connect with them by phone and by messenger on whatever they said about That which you wrote, and defend, modify and update your position of view. Most all the things you browse will go a good distance toward aiding you unlearn Whatever you uncovered ahead of and what you're thinking that you find out about the topic(s). I’m here to show you that not all is just how it’s cracked out to get. Fox Mulder, the famed FBI agent in The X-Information had a stating on his office wall Having said that, “The Truth is around!

Methods led from the eastern terrace at Chavin De Huantar to your sunken plaza surrounded on three sides by rectangular platrorms. A significant flat boulder with seven grind holes and an oblong area of interest stood “Outdoors the southwestern corner of your sunken plaza.”

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